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Cement Return Bins


Cement return bins with full logistical support

We have highway tractors and tridem bin trailers available 24/7 to transport bins to and from well sites as well as to the nearest class two waste facility for cement disposal. Our bin trailers have the capability to transport up to four empty bins to location in a single load and each bin allows for ten cubic meters of cement.

Our bins provide a more environmentally responsible solution to the current industry standard of cement rings or cement pits. After pumping cement returns into the bin, a large percentage of the water is recycled back into the drilling fluid. Land owners prefer cement bins as there is minimal impact to their land. No traces of cement are left on site and this decreases long term effect on their property. Cement pits cause a large degree of ground disturbance and cement rings have a high failure rate due to the ease to which the liner may tear. Our bins are constructed of solid steel and a heavy duty rubber seal around the dump door prevents leaks from occurring.

Cartel offers the flexibility of using a one tonne truck and trailer for delivery of empty bins to locations where ground disturbance is a concern. The lighter weight of the vehicle allows it to access locations where heavy truck and trailers cannot go.

Cartel Cement Bins also are more economical versus cement rings. Our bins are a drop-and-go solution where our truck arrives on site, unloads the bins and the customer may use them immediately. Cement rings are extremely labour intensive and require hours to setup on site. Cement rings require the plastic liner used to contain the cement to be replaced after each use. This is an added cost and creates further waste as compared to using cement bins.

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